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There are three components within your lens
• Material or Lens Index: the higher the index number of the material the thinner the lens
• Coatings: there are three coatings that a lens could have
1- Scratch: to prevent scratching from cleaning.
2- Anti-reflection: to maximize light transmission into the eye and eliminate the reflection
of light on the front surface of the lens.
3- Transition: to turn the clear lens into sun lens when exposed to outdoor uv rays, and
return to the clearness when being indoor.
4- Polarization: this applies to sunglasses lenses to filter out the “blinding glare” caused by
the horizontal sun rays reflect from snow and shiny surfaces.
• Lens design:
1- Single vision: provides one view zone only, either seeing distant or near.
2- Bifocal: provides two view zones, distant and near through a visible and distinct reading
3- Progressive: provides vision at all distances by offering a gradual transition from distant
to near vision, while also allowing wearer to see objects at arm’s length. It also provides
more natural vision correction.

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